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Privacy Panacea provides strategic and tailored privacy solutions for businesses of all stages and sizes.


Building a privacy program isn’t just about reducing risk, it’s about seizing opportunity. Companies that invest in privacy are able to unlock business potential through data use that is strategic, transparent, responsible, and trusted by customers. Privacy Panacea can help you get there. A few of our most requested services are listed below. Contact us to learn more. 

Benchmarking and Privacy Maturity

All successes start with a good plan. Companies looking to mature existing privacy practices need a clear picture of how their existing privacy practices measure up to industry standards, legal requirements, and consumer expectations. We’ll partner with internal stakeholders (executives, privacy staff, legal, and others) and develop a maturity model that helps your business understand where it is and how to achieve its privacy goals in a measured, strategic way.

Privacy Program Development and Implementation

Privacy starts internally. We will help you build a comprehensive privacy program that fits and enables your business with a roadmap, maturity modeling, training, policies and procedures that elevate your privacy practices and provide transparency and accountability. Whether you know what your gaps are (and need help implementing and mitigating), or you need help identifying what is needed to build a holistic privacy program, we bring our thoughtful and experienced approach to work for you. 

Incident Response Planning

You can’t always avoid a breach, but you can be prepared for one. A comprehensive incident response plan guides businesses through all stages of a breach—from determining whether a security incident rises to the level of a breach to how and when to communicate to legal authorities, the press, and your customers. We will develop a response plan tailored to your business, and help you implement procedures ahead of time so that you can be ready to act.

Customized Training Programs

Employee awareness is key to achieving good privacy practices. Every business is different, and training is only effective if it addresses your business specifically and holistically. We build privacy training programs that account for and capitalize on what makes your business unique. The results are engaging, succinct, and efficient.

Privacy by Design 
Building Privacy Culture

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. A proactive approach to privacy reduces privacy risk, boosts privacy awareness, and helps identify problems early, when they are easier and less costly to fix. We will partner with your business (involving product development, information security, and engineering teams) to develop procedures that embed privacy in your product design and ensure transparency, privacy by default, and end-to-end security.

Building a company culture where employees understand and appreciate privacy—both for the business and for themselves—creates a team of privacy ambassadors. We will work with your HR, privacy, and people teams to develop a privacy culture and educational programs that make sense for your organization. 

Examples include events that educate employees about their personal privacy, anonymous privacy reporting mechanisms, and a program that allows employees from other departments to learn first-hand about privacy in your organization.

Privacy Due Diligence/

Valuation in M&A

We partner with private equity and venture capital firms to identify and evaluate privacy and security risks to enable investors to better value their targets, mitigate risk, preserve reputation, and satisfy stakeholder concerns. We conduct data privacy and security reviews, including portfolio reviews and M&A diligence, and work with companies during all stages of a deal, to identify and/or mitigate risks that can affect valuation.

Expert Witness

Sharon Anolik is available for expert witness services and testimony in privacy-related litigation. 

Not Sure Where to Begin?

We can guide you from step one. Contact us to get started.

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